Monday, June 20, 2011

Neti Pot Review

As a long time allergy sufferer, I've gotten tired of popping pills that might or might not work or that might or might not cause side effects. I got especially leery of allergy medicines while I was pregnant. Of course, at that time I had to resort to wearing those nose strips all the time just so I could breathe because it was before I discovered the Neti Pot. What a relief! It's an easy, safe, natural way to keep your nose and sinuses clear!
The Net Pot uses a saline solution to flush out your sinuses and nasal passageways. You fill the pot with saline and pour it through one nostril and out the other. I decided to try it when I received a free offer from NeilMed. They offer their Nasal FloNeti Pot for free. The first time I tried to use it was awful! I couldn't get the water to come out of the opposite nostril. It went down my throat, into my ears, anywhere but the other nostril. I tried a few more times and then gave up for about 6 months. Enter allergy season. The worst allergy season in the history of Michigan (or so I've heard). I decided to try again and finally succeeded. Sort of. The water kept coming out from the lid and making a huge mess. So I decided I needed a different pot.
I went out and purchased the Sinu Cleanse Neti Pot.  It seems much smaller and is easier to handle. This one worked even better and I can breathe again!

NeilMed Nasal Flo-
Pros: Free, large, comes with great booklet.
Cons: Bulky, leaky lid, only comes with a few packets of saline powder

Sinu Cleanse-
Pros: Easy to handle, doesn't leak, comes with 30 packets of saline powder (at least mine did), lighter, easier to clean
Cons: Plastic seems fragile (but is holding up fine), cost (it's inexpensive, but not free), small

I was not compensated for these reviews. These are my own opinions that reflect my own experiences with the aforementioned products.