Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's been a while!

I've been pretty busy lately, going back and forth to MI. But I'm home for a while now and Wesley's first birthday is coming up!
I'm currently in search of some used and safe pots, pans, and cooking utensils for him to play with. Mine have a slightly sharp edge on them, so I'm getting him his own for his birthday. He loves to play with them at Grandma's house, so I know he'll love them. I did pick up some nesting bowls at the local thrift shop. They're all washed and ready to be played with.
In addition, I bought some silk scarves that I'll be dying. I really want Wesley to have some playsilks, but they're so expensive! They run about $10 a pop! So I decided to dye some myself. I'll be embarking on my dye journey tomorrow.

As for simplification, I recently spent some time going through all of my fabric, sewing, and crafting notions and definitely lightened the load. There wasn't much to be donated, really. A lot of the bulk was unfolded fabric, ribbon gone wild, and trash. I've completely reorganized my craft area (ie a corner of the dining room) and it looks so much better. I've even starting making things again! I'm making some diapers, a costume for Wesley for Youmacon , some rugs and reusable grocery bags.

My next simplification steps are the laundry room and Wesley's toys. I'm aiming for next week.

Among those projects are my knitting/crochet projects. I'm currently knitting a scarf for my brother who recently got into MSU! Go Kevin! I am also going to be knitting a similar scarf for his friend. AND I'm going to knit Wesley a pair of longies.

Whew! I am a busy woman!

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  1. Wow you are a busy mom! Way to go on getting so much done!