Sunday, December 12, 2010

A new week, a new goal!

I really need to form some new habits.  I feel as if my life is... poorly spent. I spend far too much time playing games online and my son spends far too much time watching television. Yes, I know. I'm a horrible mother and my son is probably scarred for life. Actually, sarcasm aside, I do feel quite guilty about this, but when I feel so down and exhausted I tend to shut down. I just need to realize that I can't afford to do that anymore. I have a very small person who depends on me.
For the past few weeks I made it my goal to have a morning routine that really gets us going. I pick out clothes for both my son and myself before I go to bed. Those clothes, and a fresh diaper for him, get put in the bathroom. As soon as he wakes me up we give good morning kisses and then we go to the bathroom and get dressed, brush our teeth and our hair, and I give the bathroom a quick clean up (no more than a few minutes). Being fully dressed and ready helps me feel more productive. For some reason I'm more likely to start the laundry and clean the kitchen when I come downstairs in clean clothes. I tend to spend more time lounging if I remain in my pajamas (not to mention that I typically stay in them all day if I wear them past noon).
So, we've got that down. Yay! Victory for mommy!

This week I've decided to add something else to that list. Craft time. W is really at an age where crafts can be a lot of fun. He already colors, draws, glues, and finger paints. But I would really like to set some time aside just for the two of us, every day, to create. Tomorrow we are finger painting. Then I'm heading to the store for some beans, pasta, beads, and liquid glue. Maybe I'll check out some paint brushes and tempera paint. I think it's going to be a fun week. Here's what I have planned:

Monday: Finger painting
Tuesday: Glue and pasta
Wednesday: Paint the glue and pasta creation
Thursday: Stringing beads
Friday: Gluing shapes and colors

They're simple, easy ideas. I want to start slow. Hopefully we'll be getting some holiday baking in as well, and of course, W will be helping as much as he can! I'd better find some cookie cutters!

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