Friday, July 23, 2010

Seattle Adventures and Green Detroit?

We're moving back to Michigan. I've been so distraught. I love Seattle! I love Tacoma! I love Washington! I have great friends here and I feel like such a part of the community.
But, alas, there's nothing I can do. We're moving back in less than two weeks. But I am bound and determined to see all that I can see before we leave.
Months ago, we purchased some Seattle-centric books for Wesley:  Larry Gets Lost in Seattle and Seattle ABC: A Larry Gets Lost Book and we've decided to use the books as tour guides. We took a whole day and took pictures of the little man in front of the places and landmarks they feature. It was exhausting and it's going to take another day, but I believe it's worth it. I hope little man appreciates it.

Little Man at the Fremont Troll

Little Man at the Lake Union Houseboats.
In addition, we're headed up north this weekend and I'll have more to share then. We're hitting up Port Angeles, Forks, La Push Beach, and the Hoh Rainforest (the highlight of the trip).  We'll also be heading back to Seattle to get pictures of the places we missed last weekend.

Before we leave, he had to make one last stop at the Fremont Market. While there, the strangest thing happened. I saw some art that I LOVED, so we stepped into the stall to get a closer look. We started talking to the artist and she mentioned that she's moving to Detroit. Of course we told her that we were doing the same at the end of the month. We talked a bit, bought some art, and moved on to a stall further down to the stall of an artist who happened to be her current neighbor. We mentioned Detroit again and he said something to the effect of "Detroit is the next green city. Everyone is moving there." So apparently, a ton of Seattlites are moving to Detroit. How. Awesome.

I really hope that Detroit is the next "green city," I hope that it fills up with young people, artists, and entrepreneurs. I hope that I can feel in Detroit what I feel in Seattle. Some people might argue that these things are already in Detroit. Maybe I'm not looking close enough. Soon, I'll get a chance to look again. Maybe I can help "bring in the green." Who knows? I was already hoping to start (or find) a community garden in the suburb I grew up in. We'll see.


  1. I hope so too, for your sake. I know you don't want to come back but I can't help but be happy you are. I hope it gets easier on you after a bit, or you are able to go wherever you want later on. :)

    (this is Abi)

  2. I'm getting a little more excited about moving back. :)