Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shame on you, Better Homes and Gardens

**Update** BHG did issue an apology for the offensive article. The left the article up, but removed the breastfeeding portion. They also rewrote the article using advice from actual parents, including me. You can read that article here

Typically, I like to keep my activism off this blog. This blog is a place where I can feel peaceful and share the beautiful corners of my life. However, a horrendously arrogant and ignorant "article" written for and published in Better Homes and Gardens has come to my attention and I would like to address it.

The author writes, " recent years, I’ve noticed a pronounced blurring of the boundaries between “adult world” and “kid world”, especially when it comes to dining out."
Wait, what? The "adult world" and the "kid world?" Don't we all live in the same world? Apparently our author does not. If we don't allow children to participate in the "adult world" how will they learn to be adults? Are we supposed to hide them at home until they are of an "acceptable age" to interact with society?

The author's tone is extremely arrogant and patronizing. I see her sitting at her desk wagging her finger at parents everywhere, "tsk, tsk." Not to mention her ridiculous generalizations and stereotypes. This "article" basically encourages parents to keep their noisy, picky, gross, unacceptable children home because the author does not want them to ruin her night out. The author attacks photo-taking, leisurely eating, not ordering from the kids menu, and worst of the worst, in my opinion, breastfeeding. This author is absolutely appalled that she has seen women breastfeeding in 4 star restaurants! And she assumes that you'll be equally as upset at the thought.

Yes, I have seen table-side breast feeding at a four-star restaurant. If at all possible, take it to the ladies room. (Note: most upscale restaurants have really nice restrooms!)"

Really?  Really? You want me to tell my child that they can't eat at the table with the rest of the family? You want me to feed my child on a toilet while someone in the next stall is defecating?  You know what, "Heather W.?" The next time you eat at a 4 star restaurant why don't you take your gourmet meal into the "really nice restroom" and eat your dinner there because I'll be BREASTFEEDING my baby AT THE TABLE and I won't be covering up. Enjoy your meal.

I have been to a lot of restaurants and I have seen a lot of things go on in restaurants. What about the couple necking in the corner? What about the extremely loud and drunk frat boys at the bar? What about the teens eating dinner after prom running around the restaurant taking pictures? Aren't those just as distracting? Why target parents just trying to do their job?

Also, you might notice that after every "Commandment" there is a suggestion for a recipe. After all, if you have kids, you should be staying home to eat anyway and BHG is here to help.

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  1. Great post! I agree, I have seen people making out and I would rather see a mother nurse any day than seeing that! I also noticed these little recipes at the end....ugh