Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back home and back to work!

I'm finally back in my own home and I'm ready to get things done! I'm going to get this house clean and uncluttered.
I have a schedule set up to keep me on track and I'm trying to keep my expectations low so I don't get worn out.

I want to pay attention to all aspects of my life:
emotional health
mental strength
physical fitness

So I have fit these things into my day, every day.
During W's naptime I will work out for at least 20 minutes with Wii Fit, DDR, or a video. After I work out I'll spend time meditating and trying to center myself. That takes care of physical fitness and emotional health.
Before bed, I'm going to read something of substance, no brain candy! That takes care of mental strength.
As for relationships, we are going to sit down in the dining room and eat dinner together and after we eat we'll spend some time playing together in the living room. Of course, this is an area where we can fit things in at any time, but if we at least eat dinner together and have a bit of time together after dinner it will help keep us close and happy.

I also have set up a schedule for cleaning and simplifying the house. This week I'm focusing on the utility room. It was our "catch all" and it's pretty bad. There are piles and piles of clothes that W grew out of, maternity clothes, and other things that need to be packed away. Today I'm going to start doing just that. I'm hoping to have the room cleaned, even swept and mopped by Saturday afternoon.

Then my goals are as follows:

Week 2: The living room. Get rid of clutter.

Week 3: The bedroom. Go through clothes and get rid of what isn't worn. Get rid of clutter.

Week 4: The kitchen. Go through all drawers and cabinets. Get rid of anything that isn't being used anymore. Go through food and get rid of anything that is expired and donate things that won't be used to food bank.

Week 5: The dining room. Go through buffet and desk, get rid of anything that isn't used.

Week 6: The bathroom and linen closet. Get rid of clutter and things that aren't used.

Week 7: The office. Now this will be a real tough one. It will probably take me two weeks. It's a mess and will take a lot of organizing.

When my husband is available to help: When he can help, we'll go into the garage and totally clean it out. It will probably take a weekend or two. We really need to cut down on the things we have in there.

We'll probably have a garage sale to sell some things after we're done cleaning. We have a lot of furniture to sell too. We're really scaling back and we're hoping to make enough money to assist with our move.

Thanks for reading!

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