Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and the beginning of a new year

We had a fabulous Christmas!
It was so wonderful to see everyone and to see W open his gifts this year.

I am extremely excited to start the new year. I have so many plans!

I plan to resume simplifying our lives. I'm going room by room beginning in January. I'm going to do a new room each week. In each room I plan on going through everything and getting rid of what is no longer used or needed. Hopefully I can finally get our belongings down to a manageable size. We just have so much stuff! We're going to be moving into my parent's house this upcoming summer and living out of two bedrooms (one acting as a living room) so we really need to scale back.

I also plan on starting (slowly) to start cooking healthier meals from scratch using local food. I'm super excited about that. I also plan on making the majority of holiday gifts for next year as well as some of the things our family uses (laundry detergent, etc).

Our family as a whole is going even greener (and hopefully saving money)! We're planning on purchasing electric razors, rechargeable batteries, and a few external harddrives (for music because we plan on moving all of our music to the HD and getting rid of the discs and we plan on purchasing music in it's digital form from now on.

Bring on the new year, I am ready!

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